FOLIO: A Novel


Where do heroes come from? Sometimes they are made, their images carefully cultivated for reasons we cannot know.

At the beginning of WWII, Terry Tusley leaves behind his family and job in Rochester, NY to become a war photographer. He is willing to give up almost everything to finally get the coveted cover shot for Life magazine and win the new Pulitzer prize for photography. But Terry’s wife Francine, an undercover spy for the Allies, has other ideas for her husband. And Terry’s daughter Katie can’t quite grasp why neither parent is ever home, leaving her to raise her two brothers in a world where endless, chaotic photographs from the war front conspire to control their lives.


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Across forty years of conflict, rivalry, jealousy and passion, spanning war zones from Paris to London, from Seoul to Saigon, photojournalism becomes highly personal, creating heroes who emerge like fictional characters from the pages of a magazine.

If one person is capable of changing history with a single image, should that image depict truth... or beauty?