Ghostwriting is the act of creating and producing written content for various uses. The content can be fiction or nonfiction, poetry or prose. Others may publish this content under their own name, with the author's permission. I have found ghostwriting to be both rewarding and helpful, and my services are available to folks of any age, walk of life, or need.

What have you ghostwritten lately?

Lyrics: I create lyrics to enable composers to develop new music. If the lyrics are used in the final musical piece, I will negotiate with the composer/arranger on compensation. Often, lyric-writing develops into a long-term friendship whereby both the musician and the poet (me) benefits creatively. I develop the creative concept or idea, sometimes starting with an proposal or request for a specific form (e.g. Holiday song). I fully develop the poetic vision: the words that go with the music.

Resumes: I have a long history of writing and rewriting professional-quality resumes for family, friends, colleagues, friends of colleagues, and complete strangers. I have an innate ability to visualize the whole professional persona of the client. My ability in this area stems from my deep experience as an executive and hiring manager with current, relevant experience in several different industries, settings and roles, at notable "blue-ribbon" companies with name brands, as well as smaller organizations. I also appreciate and can articulate a person's skill and talent on paper, often when he/she/they cannot clearly see how to put together their experiences into a viable, comprehensive resume. I also create the content for professional LinkedIn sites and personal websites. I can provide references and completed samples.

How can I learn more or obtain your services?

Please reach out to me at my CONTACT page.