The Big Idea - A New Musical

Synopsis: It’s a race against time as a nineteenth-century inventor rallies young apprentices and grapples with naysayers and other diversions (of the female persuasion) as he strives to take his place among the great scientists of the new Industrial Age. In the end, the inventor comes to the bittersweet realization that the important things in life – love, family, and happiness – cannot be devised or manufactured.

This look back at a unique period in history intertwines three stories – the bewildering onslaught of new devices and inventions, the promise of the future made easier by these work-saving machines, and the personal price that one must sometimes pay to follow a dream.

Beautiful Weather

Collection of lyrical poems that explore life from a technical woman’s point of view. B.A. Calhoun’s rhyming schemes rise up and form themselves into the machines and inventions she explores, casting shadows that dance across an inherently traditional poetical form. Beautiful Weather brings together ideas formed over many decades, and the work both informs and is informed by the many paths taken across years of learning. Calhoun’s words ripple like water across the page.

These are the opening lines of the first poem, entitled Wander:

Stars expanding and contracting
Cross the long horizon line
Daylight blinks, ignites, refracting
Waste me like an hour in time

Rockets fill the blueprint paper
Metals twist into the sky
Far behind me, shadows taper
Cast against a new moon high